Catalysts International -

The Journey

Individual and community transformation takes place through

    • Training
      The Catalyst International training method is an informal, Socratic model of learning. It is geared specifically toward adult education, using resources that are designed to facilitate “learning in community,” where each participant individually prepares to engage in life-changing discussions.
      This facilitator-led, student- focused training encourages “whole life” learning. What does this mean? We use methods of learning that:

      1. encourage the acquiring of knowledge needed to grow intellectually
      2. help students identify  principles that  lead to the development of good, strong character
      3. support learners in the intentional application of needed skills.
    • Mentoring and Modeling
      Sharing experience through personal communication and showing by example help people envision how transformation can take place. These are practical, hands-on ways in which Catalysts pass on professional skills and share life experiences. Modeling good business practices with integrity and expertise benefit individuals and the community at large.
    • Working Alongside
      Our aim as Catalysts is to integrate into the community by sharing our lives with the local people among whom we live. This involves learning from the local people, their language, culture, customs and the way their community functions. Working side-by-side and building bonds of personal and professional relationship become the soil in which ideas grow and opportunities for community self-development are firmly rooted.
  • Passing the Baton
    Our final aim for each project is to place the management of that project into local hands. This means that we will identify local champions and pass the baton of management and further development on to these local partners.